The Wardrobe is designed to provide gently used garments to any enrolled student free of charge. Our goal is to help relieve the stress of affording clothing, and allow scholars to focus more energy creating positive impressions and interactions during class or at an interview.

Who can use the Wardrobe and what do I need to bring with me?

We are available to any enrolled student, and you will need to show your OneCard for access.

What kind of clothing does the Wardrobe have?

  • Casual clothing items – Casual attire for class, like jeans, khakis, sweaters, long and short sleeve shirts
  • Professional clothing – Business attire for interviews, like suits, dress pants, button down shirts, dresses and blouses

How much does Warrior Wardrobe clothing cost?

Nothing! Warrior Wardrobe clothing is absolutely free for enrolled students.

When do I have to return the clothing?

Never! After you receive clothing from Warrior Wardrobe, it is yours to keep. Warrior Wardrobe does hope that students will pay-it-forward and become future Warrior Wardrobe donors, but there is no requirement to return any clothing from either Warrior Wardrobe location.

How many times can I visit the Warrior Wardrobe? How many items can I take each time?

Students are able to visit the Warrior Wardrobe once a month. Each visit a student can take up to 15 items.

How can I donate?

Warrior Wardrobe operates with the support of generous donors and donations, which have a direct impact on students reaching their educational and professional goals.​ Donations can be dropped off at The W Food Pantry & Wardrobe. Please make sure they are freshly laundered or dry cleaned. Please see our donations page for a list of accepted and not accepted items.

How can I contact someone for more help or if I have a question that wasn't answered?

Please email thew@wayne.edu and someone will follow up with you.